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Alan Lash, CPA offers a plethora of comprehensive solutions and professional services. Our consultants assist all levels and varieties of financial institutions in the United States and abroad. Learn more about our unique and customer oriented approach to Business Solutions and feel free to Contact Us for a consultation.

NFA/CFTC Compliance & Regulatory Auditing
The comfort of knowing that your firm has robust procedures for financial reporting and recordkeeping, is in compliance and is ready for the regulatory audit makes all the difference in the financial world. Let our consultants ensure that your policies and procedural manuals are up-to-date and your reporting is adequate and timely. Learn more.

Registration with Regulators and Exchanges
Whether you are looking to do business in the United States or abroad, we offer guidance in the complex regulatory structures in the United States and various foreign jurisdictions. Learn more.

Fund Administration & Accounting for Managed Funds
We provide general accounting services to financial institutions including assistance with reconciliation and accounting for funds services such as calculations of rates of return, performance tables and preparation of financial statements. Learn more.

Corporate Tax Preparation
Tax preparation is a year long process that takes into account the day-to-day activities and decisions made by your principals and managers. Get ahead of the game. Learn more.

Business Formation and Consulting

We are thrilled that you are growing your business and services. Contact Us today for a consultation on the formation of the right business entity for your financial needs. Learn more.

Internal Control Evaluations
Ensure efficiency, process flow, quality, compliance and control of your day-to-day operations. Enlist the services of our consultants. Learn more.